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It has been seen that digital currency

Nowadays it is considered as a best currency. While observing this, Daikicoin came up with the motive to introduce this currency to everyone. Founders of Daikicoin and its team believe that we can do a lot in digital currency as we are doing today. It is a path to make this sector more attractive for the local 31 business as well as to common people along with this, we focus to remove extract the technical technology. We have major goals for this sector and with the help of Daiki Coin we want to meet the digital currency to its need by accepting this coin to the local corner shops.

Get new options

Get new options by defining your own parameters. While observing this, Daikicoin

Ransparent premium

Showing all the metrics used to calculate the premium will help user take the better decision.

Provide liquidity

Provide liquidity to earn a share in options premium, stake tokens and earn rewards


The Daikicoin, the technology that supports

It and it is based on the business support philosophy. It explores the principles of the digital currency from the core. It includes the features like security, privacy and flexibility. In this, we describe the benefits which are offered to both consumers and business owners, as well as the support network offered by 63 DAIKI and the DAIKIcoin Foundation. The Daikicoin Foundation has been designed as an open source and participatory standards body for the Daikicoin, project. It is a non profit organisation which provide fund to the development of Daikicoin and the 66 Daikicoin infrastructure.